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[How to make quiche batter]_ eggs _ practice

[How to make quiche batter]_ eggs _ practice

[How to make quiche batter]_ eggs _ practice

Nowadays people are busy, but they also know that the body is the capital of revolution, so they are quite familiar with breakfast, and although the take-away breakfast is convenient, sometimes hygiene is also easy to cause.Do it yourself, and the delicious and easy-to-make quiche becomes everyone’s favorite, except that things that look simple are also skillful to make. Just say that the quiche batter must be adjusted properlyIn order to have a delicious quiche, let ‘s talk about how to make this batter.

First, how to adjust the pancake batter to be tough and not sticky?

Material: 200g flour, 700g water, 3 shallots, 3 eggs, proper amount of salt Process: 1, chopped shallot flowers for future use.

2. Add salt to the flour, pour the added water first, start stirring the batter in one direction, and stir until there is no dry flour in the batter.

3. Add water a little at a time and stir in one direction until the water is added and the batter is stirred until there are no particles.

4. Add the beaten egg liquid and stir.

5. The state of the batter.

6. Add green onions.

7, brush the frying pan with a brush, a little oil, pour a spoonful of batter into the middle of the keyboard, pick up the frying pan in a circle, let the batter spread out, medium and small fire, after one side is cooked, the edges will rise, smoothFold the side and cook the other side.

Tips: 1. The state of the batter is not dense or thin. If it is thick, the pancake stand is not thin, and there are cracks. If it is thin, it will not form.

2. If you want to eat more glutinous, just put an egg, then you need to add more water.

This is probably the ratio of noodles to water. The last batter is scooped up with a spoon, and the thickness can be connected into a line when it falls down.

If you are making Liangpi, it will be thicker than this.

Second, how to make fried batter?

The batter is divided into dry paste and wet paste. The former is crispy after frying, and soft after continuous frying. Dry paste is low-gluten flour with starch and water, and wet paste is low-gluten flour with eggs and water.

Dry paste suitable substitute for deep-fried and then seasoning, instead of scorched prawns, stir-fried fillet, deep-fried eggplant box, wet paste suitable substitute for deep-fried edible without further seasoning, put in cumin chicken fillet, Pretzel segment, Sesame fillet.