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[How to make wheat flour]_How to make noodles_How to make

[How to make wheat flour]_How to make noodles_How to make

[How to make wheat flour]_How to make noodles_How to make

For fitness people, especially those who like carbon water, although many foods can not be eaten after fitness, but the staple food has become more diverse!

Some people use rice for their meals, but after fitness, purple potatoes, corn, Lemai, pasta, etc., in our memory, we can always think of the muffins made by mothers, and this kind of muffins is not hardIt tastes very soft, so let ‘s take a look at how to make wheat flour.

Pujiang oatmeal is very different from other oatmeal, and it is cooked with a small amount of doping on both sides.

The fillings are mainly meat, potatoes, greens, pickles and so on.

Preliminary: Knead flour in a pound and add water to it (afterwards, it can be adjusted according to the thickness of the flour).

Add two scoops of salt ingredients as shown.

Final flour forming: I always feel different from the flour my mother made at home.

The kind made by mother is much softer.

Part 2: Fill a pound of tofu and a pound of meat. The ratio can be changed according to your own taste.

The breakfast stall will put onions and stir the two thoroughly.

Add two spoonfuls of salt.

You can also add some old wine to taste.

Leave it for half a day or so, the flour will be better. It will become the following, knead the meat into balls, put it in the noodles, and use the noodles to hold all the meatballs.

Then roll into a blog.

In the end, a very thin piece of cake was completed. Part III: The hot cake was picked up by hand and placed in a pan.

Add a spoonful of oil-soaked pancakes with the edges of the pan and add in a circle.

Boil the pan (wait for the color of the circle on the side to turn light yellow to the reverse side. At this time, it will stick to the pan to avoid being light yellow, and the visible light may be the white of the flour.

Then turn the pan, turn the flour side down, and pour a spoonful of oil on the edges of the pancakes and the pan.) To prevent sticking, shake the pan frequently and let the pancakes swim in the pan. 10?
Turn the pot once in about 20 seconds.

This process usually takes about 2 minutes, and the wheat cakes are cooked.

What the oatmeal looks like the first time.

My finished product, oatmeal with porridge.

Then order some side dishes such as mustard and porridge.

Full of memories.

Although this time the oatmeal is not very round, but it tastes good, haha.

In order to make the oil pouring easier and faster, you can pour the oil into the bowl first. If the wheat cakes are to be successful, you must do the following: First, do not make the flour too dry, and you can add dry flour after kneading.

During the making of wheat cakes, you should put more dry flour on the cutting board to prevent the wheat cakes from sticking to the cutting board. The filling must be thin, and both the meat and tofu must be chopped very finely (you can directly buy the kind of minced meat in the supermarket)Meat).

Otherwise, it’s easy to break when rolling the oatmeal. Shake and turn the pan frequently to prevent it from getting burnt.