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[Hazards of Head Massager]_Massage_Hazard

[Hazards of Head Massager]_Massage_Hazard

[Hazards of Head Massager]_Massage_Hazard

Many people choose to have a massage after working for a long time. At this time, the head massager has become a popular choice for many people. Compared to going to a massage shop for a head massage, the head massager becomes more convenient and cheaper.While people are convenient, they have ignored the harm that the head massager caused to us. The harm of the head massager is introduced to everyone below. I hope everyone can take it.

One or six functions1.

Helmet design, easy to use, simple operation, you can massage by yourself.


Intelligent air pressure, multi-direction kneading pressure points, make you physically and mentally happy.


Vibration design, full head massage, combined with air pressure massage, the effect is better.


Music function, built-in specific music (waves, insects, running water, bird calls), relax.


Warm function, promote blood circulation in the head, accelerate cell regeneration, relieve fatigue and pain.


Timing selection, with 5, 10, 15 minutes, 3 schedules for you to choose.

Second, acupressure points acupoints: eliminate fatigue, headaches, effectively boost the spirit, improve responsiveness.

Yangbai Point: Eliminates eye fatigue; Baihui Point: Eliminates headache, dizziness, hangover, insomnia, worry and other symptoms, effectively lowers blood pressure.

Fengchi Acupoint: Eliminate symptoms such as headache, dizziness, complications, stiffness, insomnia, and eye fatigue.

Third, the efficacy characteristics 1.

Relieve tiredness. Busy and busy lives increase the burden on many bodies.

Can help you relieve tired environment and improve the natural regeneration ability of the body.

Relieve fatigue mode is aimed at temple massage, which can relieve headaches caused by tension and stress.


The mind is clear and focused.

A soothing head massage can make you feel extremely calm inside, clear your thoughts, and increase your concentration.

The clear mind mode focuses on Yangbai acupoint massage, soothes eye fatigue and improves concentration.


Restores mental power and eases.

Massage can promote good health.

Relieve fatigue with a soothing head massage, so you can relax and refresh your body.

Rejuvenation mode uses gentle, continuous air massage to provide you with a relaxing and effective massage.


Relaxation physiology.

Busy life puts stress on you.

Can effectively help you relieve stress and give you comprehensive health.

The Soothing Relaxation Mode helps you quickly relieve stress and tightness through a firm, continuous air massage.