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[I eat chives on fire]_Leek_Hot gas_Leek yellow

[I eat chives on fire]_Leek_Hot gas_Leek yellow

[I eat chives on fire]_Leek_Hot gas_Leek yellow

Leeks have aphrodisiac effects, which we all know.

But not only that, leek also has a lot of nutritional value, especially fried with eggs, it has the effect of warming up the blood, nourishing the blood, nourishing the mind and mind, and coordinating the yin and yang, which is very helpful for regulating the body.

However, you can’t eat more leek, because it has the effect of nourishing kidney and yang, so eating more will get angry. This article will explain why you can’t eat more leek.

Although leek is a vegetable with high nutritional value and high medical value, it should be fasted in the following situations: leek is hot, and it is easy to get angry if you eat more, so people who are Yin deficiency and fire should not eat more.

Stomach deficiency and heat, indigestion are not suitable for consumption.

In summer, the fiber rises and the fiber is rough and difficult to be digested by the human stomach. In addition, the peristaltic function of sintering is reduced in summer, which may cause degradation or diarrhea. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat more in summer.

In addition, although leek has a strong essence, but excessive consumption will be kidney failure.

So do n’t eat it every day.

Leek and white wine can not be eaten together. Liquor is hot, which can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, leek is warm, and tonify the sun. Among them, the same food, for people who are recovering from a serious illness, it should be said that it is pouring oil on the fire, so it cannot be.With food.

First, the nutritional value of leeks is high in the rich content (85%), which is converted into an excellent source of iron, potassium and vitamin A, and a general source of vitamin C.

Europeans have long used chives for medical purposes.

Such as to stimulate appetite, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and harmful organisms, and stimulate urination to remove excess water from the body.

Second, the impact on disease and health Leeks contain more crude fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, can effectively prevent habitual constipation and bowel cancer.

These fibers can also wrap the grit, hair, and metal shavings in the digestive tract and discharge them with the stool. Therefore, leek is known as “washweed”.

Leeks contain volatile essential oils and sulfur compounds, which have the effect of promoting appetite and reducing blood lipids, and have certain effects on hypertension, coronary heart disease, and hyperlipidemia.

Sulfur compounds also have a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

Third, diet should avoid eating leek in spring is good for the liver.

According to the health principle of “Four Seasons Focus” in Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver in the spring should be based on nourishing the liver, and leek is the substance that warms the liver and kidneys.

Leeks are rich in nutrition and have the effect of warming the liver and kidneys.

The quality of chives in early spring is the best, followed by late autumn, and the worst in summer.

Eat more chives will get angry and difficult to digest, so Yin deficiency and fire, people with a lot of eyes and weak stomach are not easy to eat more, the recommended amount is 50 grams per person per time.