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[How to eat fresh Codonopsis spp.]_ Making method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fresh Codonopsis spp.]_ Making method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat fresh Codonopsis spp.]_ Making method _ practice Daquan

Codonopsis is a relatively common Chinese medicinal material. The edible effect of people with insufficient blood and weak constitution is very good, and it can also improve the phenomenon of chlorosis. They can be adjusted with Codonopsis, but the method of eating Codonopsis is veryThere are many, different ways to eat, and the effect of Codonopsis is different. In fact, Codonopsis can be used for soup and porridge. The pharmacological effect is very good. The following describes how to eat fresh Codonopsis.

How to eat Codonopsis: 1.

There are many ways to eat Shenling porridge. Shenling porridge is a delicious choice.

You can soak the codonopsis, Poria, ginger, rice into water before soaking, and then add water to the pot to add ingredients.

It is recommended that everyone take Shenling porridge every night, which can effectively improve the symptoms of impaired qi and blood, and also help to regulate their own gastrointestinal, improve their ability to intervene and move, and improve their symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.Good effect of nourishing spleen and stomach.


You can also teach ginseng rice to use it.

Pick ten grams of Codonopsis and buy some fresh dates, then soak the glutinous rice and steam it.

Then add cooked steamed rice to the bowl, and add jujube and codonopsis to eat. The nutrition is delicious and healthy. It can effectively improve the problem of weak spleen and weak qi. It can improve the menstrual irregularity that is often prone to many female friends.And the effect is very good.


Codonopsis nutrient soup will supplement Codonopsis nutrient soup so that the human body can better absorb the nutrients in Codonopsis. Codonopsis, Schisandra chinensis, raw and mature Chinese angelica and other expensive Chinese medicinal materials can be used after frying with water.The effect of yang.

Especially in the state of accelerated physical weakness, drinking some Codonopsis nutrient soup appropriately is very beneficial to the recovery of one’s own body, and also solves many problems such as physical weakness and night sweats.


Codonopsis medlar wine Middle-aged and elderly friends can properly drink some wine made with Codonopsis in the daily life. Codonopsis, goji berries, and white wine can be mixed and developed. After washing the codonopsis and goji berries, put them into a wide-mouth bottle and add an appropriate amount of liquor.The bottle mouth can be sealed and soaked for more than one week. It can be allowed. Drinking some codonopsis and Chinese wolfberry wine appropriately before can also effectively improve the symptoms of hypertension that occur on its own to achieve a calming effect.

There are various ways to eat Codonopsis, and everyone can eat it regularly in accordance with the above methods.

Codonopsis can also effectively improve various problems such as cough, asthma, and shortness of breath. Elderly, eating some Codonopsis appropriately can also help to delay the progress of self-aging and reduce the chances of various aging diseases.Very high nutritional supplements.